Mahindra scorpio has been in the market for more than a decade now and mahindra have been putting subtle effects to keep it in the market with timely updates and it’s sales are also decent which is due to the fact that it has robust built quality , low maintenance and trust on mahindra but due to raising price it is now direct rival to the Tata Hexa which is fresh in the market and mainly an evolved version of Tata aria . TATA has been working on making its car better in every aspect and mainly in value for money . Read on to find out who wins the battle of the two ….


Mahindra scorpio received a mild facelift in the starting of 2018 , the boxy shape on the outside is instantly recognisable by the masses due to its sheer popularity . The Hexa on the other hand has very into your appeal and is much more wider than the scorpio in terms of size , the diamond cut alloy wheels add to the charm of the car whereas the scorpio gets non machined alloys which are becoming outdated now . Here the Hexa wins because of the fact that it looks much mote butch and well proportioned with that into your face appeal .


Hexa here gets an all black interior with faux leather and dual stitching which make it look quite premium as compared to the scorpio as it gets plastic panels which look quite cheap as the fit and finish is not upto the mark though it is well contained but stills lacks premium feel which you expect from a 17 lakh car .
The hexa offers best in class music system by harmann kardon with 12 speakers which can shame cars of upper segment too , you also get lots of cup holders and other storage areas which are practically not usable in scorpio though we have them . The last row of hexa can occupy well built adults of nearly 5 feet 10 inches long fro shorter trips whereas in scorpio its best left for kids .

The under thigh support in scorpio is very less and it feels like you are sitting on a planck whereas the hexa has comfortable sitting position .


Push  the Scorpio’s  and it’s the refinement that speaks  out. The S11 engine sounds more like the XUV500 now and it is more refined than before. The responsiveness of the engine has also improved, despite a bigger turbo. There’s almost no wait before the power kicks in and you get a good punch from 1,500rpm, all the way up to 4,500rpm; and  from 0-100kph it  takes just 10.8sec – massively fast for an SUV this size. It’s even faster than the new Swift!
Engaging the gears on the new six-speed gearbox requires less effort as the gates are better defined. However, putting the reverse takes getting used to. The newly added sixth gear is welcome, as it enhances the Scorpio’s cruising ability . What makes the Mahindra relaxing to drive is the strong bottom-end, which is a huge plus when it comes to driving it in cumbersome city traffic. The Scorpio is also much faster through the gears – it attains a 20-80kph time of just 9.07sec in third gear making it faster than the Hexa. Complimenting this further is the light clutch and steering that make this two-and-something-tonne-SUV rather light on its feet. That being said, the Scorpio still isn’t confidence-inspiring in corners  around them. At high speeds, it feels sloppy and the ride isn’t flat either. At city speeds, though, it does ride well and tackles bad roads quite easily. Unfortunately, the brakes lack progressive feel. Though Mahindra has updated the brakes by increasing  the brake booster size to make the pedal pressure better, under hard braking, the Scorpio feels unsettled

The Tata Hexa is powered by the 2.2-litre VARICOR engine that makes 156hp and 400Nm of torque. The engine is fairly silent and vibrations are well-contained. Get going though, and the sluggish nature of the engine is evident as the turbo takes time to spool up. The Hexa has drive modes (Auto, Comfort, Dynamic and Rough Road) which alter the performance, and it is best driven in Dynamic mode where 0-100kph is achieved in 14.21sec. The six-speed manual transmission is cumbersome to operate and also lacks a safety lock for the reverse gear. The clutch is snappy, too. As a result, shifting gears is sometimes jerky. Pair that to its heavy nature, and the Hexa is quite difficult to drive in stop/go traffic. On the plus side, the ride is exceptional. Even though the Hexa gets 19-inch alloy wheels, broken roads and potholes are flattened easily and only the really sharp bumps tend to register as distant thuds in the cabin. Braking, too, is much better when compared to the Scorpio. The Hexa gets disc brakes on the rear wheels as well, and they are nice and progressive. Coming to the handling, this heavy seven-seater is rather composed around the bends and has body roll that doesn’t cause any alarm. The grip levels are another aspect that impress while cornering. However, at high speeds, the heavy hydraulic steering weighs up even more.

Conclusion –


Though there is no direct comparison of these two cars but due to almost similar price tag these are being compared and here the hexa comes out as better value for money car in every aspect

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