Toyota has always been known for trust , relibility and a brand with good resale value and great resale value .
Toyota has always enjoyed best sales as far as suv ,muv and d segment are considered

The Innova has always been a successful product for Toyota. It also happens to be one of those cars that get the most repeat buyers due to its practicality. Even though the Crysta is more expensive than its predecessor, it is still managing to sell 7-8,000 units per month. Well, its more than many popular compact SUVs priced half of it. Here are the main reasons people are buying it.


Toyota innova was always a comfortable people carrier from the day it was launched and it gave competition to the suv’s in the upper segment in terms of comfort . You can walk come out through a long journey without getting tired at all , well that says it how comfortable innova is .


Toyota stands for reliability and low cost maintenance and cheap spare parts , it can withstand beatings for years that’s why it so popular in the travel compnies and cab operaters . There is no car in this segment which can beat toyota’s innova crysta in this segment


Another reason why people opt for the Toyota brand is the service quality. It is very rare to come across a Toyota customer who hasn’t received top class service. This with the fact that costs of service aren’t high makes for a good ownership experience.


The crysta is an expensive product. The Z variant will set cost around Rs 20 lakhs ex showroom in Delhi. Don’t worry though, the Innova will retain this value as well when it is time to sell. This means you can sell your Innova at a good price and buy one more Innova.
According to a recent poll , the Innova is the king in retaining its resale value. People can get upto 90% of the cost of the car on a 3 year old Innova which is the highest in the whole car industry


There are a lot of vehicles out there that offer 3 row seating. None, however are as spacious as the Innova. The Innova has been built with the purpose of transporting 7-8 people in full comfort and it does the job really well. There aren’t many other MPVs that can boast of offering such space, individual AC controls and comfort as an Innova.


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